About our equity release products

About our equity release products2017-12-17T20:08:31+00:00

The Group usually offers a range of innovative home reversion products, through the brands of ‘Retirement Plus’ and ‘Living Plus’. However, we are not able to take on new customers at present due to our allocated funds being exhausted. Please revisit this website from time-to-time to keep updated on the latest developments.

Visit the Retirement Plus website

Retirement Plus offers the Property Plan and the Impaired Life Property Plan. Both equity release products are home reversion plans which pay full market value for their share of the property. The customers gain flexibility for the future by giving up their ownership share over a long period – they can take out as much money as they can for their immediate needs, plus protect a share for inheritance purposes or to raise additional money later.

The Impaired Life product is a higher-release option available to those suffering from illness which is likely to shorten their life expectancy.

Details about the Retirement Plus range of equity release products can be found at: www.retirement-plus.co.uk.

Visit the Living Plus website

Living Plus offers a no-frills maximum release home reversion plan. This product will suit customers seeking to raise the most amount of money by selling all or part of the equity in their property, whilst retaining the right to live in the property until they die or move into a care home.

Visit Living Plus at: www.living-plus.co.uk.